Monday, August 8, 2011

Women Infidelity--Why Women Cheat

Women are probably the most gifted as well as the most fragile of God's creation. They can be all loving if treated right but can be cunning and downright treacherous when crossed. In marriage, she is very dedicated to the cause. So why do women cheat? Let's explore this question and see the possibilities as to why.

Let's go back to the Garden of Eden just for a second. Remember when Eve had a conversation with the serpent about the tree in which she and Adam were not to touch the fruit thereof? The serpent never once pointed out the tree to her because women for the most part are different from men in that she is word, sound, intimacy activated. The serpent did not approach Adam with his cunning devices because men do not go for words from other males; we rather go for what we see.

In their conversation, the serpent stimulated Eve by connecting with her with what she desired to hear, that she surely would not know the story. It is the same way with women today which is why one can see the most unattractive man with the most beautiful woman on his side; he has talked his way into her world. Women do not just want to hear that they are beautiful, smart, wise, sexy, sensuous, etc. but they need to hear it.

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