Thursday, August 18, 2011

Infidelity Definition - What Is Infidelity and How to Define Cheating In Your Relationship

Are you arguing with your partner about what cheating actually is? Not sure what's considered to be infidelity? Having trouble defining infidelity with your spouse?

Here you will infidelity definition and how to define cheating in your relationship - so you don't have to doubt yourself about your partner's actions and behavior.

Why is Infidelity Definition so Blurry Sometimes?

Is talking on the phone with a coworker after working hours considered cheating?

Is going out clubbing with "the guys" while the spouse stays at home considered cheating?

Is fanaticizing about another woman cheating?

You can quickly see that different people will give you different answers to these questions. But mostly, the spouse that is contemplating or even already cheating will be more denying - denying that receiving attention from out side the marriage poses a real threat to the relationship. He or she is busy with the rush of feeling good. He or she is thinking: "I never even touched Jim/Jessica, so therefore I am not cheating!"

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