Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Surviving Infidelity: 6 Strategies for Getting Past the Pain

Have you already been through the stages of finding out or catching your spouse and their infidelity to you and your marriage? When you have had the time to work through the first stages of infidelity and the way it makes you feel and how it influences your relationship you may or may not decide that you are able to survive their infidelity.

Whether you have been in a marriage for many years or are a newly wed, know that you are not alone when you suffer and rebuild after an extramarital affair of a cheating spouse. Surviving infidelity can be very rewarding to your marriage and the relationship you have with your spouse. However, this is a very p ersonal decision and choice. One which only you have the answers too. If you are in for the long haul of surviving infidelity here are 6 strategies for getting past the pain.

� When you have suffered from the infidelity of your spouse it may be hard on you to try to recover and maintain what you have together in your marital relationship. You must prepare yourself for discussing the situational occurrences of the infidelity. You will more than likely want to know why and how it happened as well as finding out how you might be able to mend things after it is over. Prepare your mind and heart to be open when discussing the issues.

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