Thursday, August 18, 2011

Infidelity Statistics - What You Need To Know About Cheating Spouses

Catching a cheating spouse is very difficult task. It hurts to the core and often brings resentment. Even if the cheating spouse repents from the behavior and begs for forgiveness, it is likely that the affair will have a lasting effect on the other partner's ability to trust. Oddly enough, a cheating spouse may also have future issues with trust, because he/she now knows how easy it is to fall into a situation in which an affair can happen.

People who discover their partners been unfaithful to them go through a hurricane of different emotions anger, sadness, shame, dejection, sometimes even relief. It's a grieving process, not of a perso n that's died, but of a relationship and level of trust that's instantly disintegrated. Even if the discovery of a spouse affair leads to the end of a long-term relationship, this outcome is preferable to living a lie.

The cheating spouse statistics conclude that infidelity rate is higher in the case of men, while women are not far behind in this process. There are people, who firmly believe that, if given a chance, they won't hesitate in having an illegitimate affair with person from opposite sexual orientation.
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