Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recovering From Infidelity - How to Rebuild the Relationship When One Partner Cheats

In today's world many couples have to learn how to survive an affair in their relationship. With the advent of new technology such as the Internet, cell phones etc., cheating has become much more widespread in society, and even couples who thought they were immune to betrayal are finding themselves in the thick of the battle and looking desperately for ways of recovering from infidelity and saving their marriages. It's a good thing to want to stay together and work through the issues but be forewarned that it is going to be very difficult and painful.

Rebuilding a marriage when one partner cheats takes time, and work, but life can come back into focus and you can move forward past the infidelity, grow closer and more connected than you've ever been before. This is not going to happen overnight, or in a week or month - there is no fixed time for these things to h eal, but if both of you are willing to expend the energy to work on healing the marriage, it can be done.

To repair the damage there is a lot of internal work for both the victim and the cheating spouse to do. One thing that you can both work on is your marriage communication skills. After the affair these may have deteriorated to angry outbursts, recriminations or one spouse giving the other the silent treatment. Communication to the average person means verbal communication. But non-verbal communication is just as or even more important, especially when dealing with such an explosive issue as infidelity in a relationship

Without realizing it, you can express yourself in countless ways without ever saying anything�and may not realize what message you are sending. Start working on your non-verba l communication skills and police what your body is doing, you may be surprised at the messages you are sending to your spouse. Recovering from infidelity and learning to communicate effectively with each other involves being open, honest, respectful and consistent. Set the standard in your marriage as you work to get your marriage back on track after the affair.

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