Monday, August 15, 2011

Top Signs Of Infidelity

People often email me with suspicions, stories, or lines that their spouse or significant other has been feeding them. They want to know if these things are "possible signs of infidelity" or if they are just imagining things or letting their own insecurities crowd their judgment. Although most times what they tell me does make me suspicious, I often tell them that anytime theirintuition pipes upor something just seems wrong, they should always take notice. Almost always, our intuitionkicksinonly after we've unconsciously witnessed something that is deeply bothering us. None the less, below I'll list what are in my opinion the top five warning signs of infidelity.

Infidelity Sign Number One: Your Own Sense Of Dread: As I said, often people will think that their alarm bells will go off out of the clear blue, that the feelings really come from nowhere. This often is just not true. Instead, what often happens is that you notice things but don'tprocess them until later. These things sort of pile up in your unconscious until they've created a whole to several seemingly unrelated pieces � so much so that you can't deny them anymore � thus, that "little feeling." Understand that this feeling isn't coming out of the left field. It's actually likely the result of weeks of troubling observations that are just coming out now.

Affair Tip Off Number Two: Their Physical, Mental, And Emotional Presence Is Lessening: Your partner can not be in two places at one time. It's just impossible. So, you'll begin to notice that they are not around as much, that they're much more busy and are having trouble juggling all of their "obligations" and making time for the relationship.

They'll be late for their time with you, they will no longer ask you to tag along for errands all of the time. They'll stop going out of their way to include you. Or, when you are together, you'll notice that their mind wanders, that they aren't giving you their undivided attention. Emotionally, they are distant or critical. In short, the "closeness" both physically and emotionally is starting to wane.

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