Thursday, August 18, 2011

Infidelity In A Marriage - Facing The Tough Question To Stay Or Go

The snap decision of any betrayed wife is to file for a divorce. However, viewing the given rate of infidelity, the world would fall short of married couples if every wife opted to say good-bye to her marriage!

Divorce is not the only option you have. You may consider staying and surviving the infidelity in a marriage. Not because you are weak and can not handle being on your own, but because you want back the loving relationship and closeness you once had. You still cherish the good times you spent together. And most of all, you consider the well-being of your children more important than the emotional breakdown you are going through.

Opting for finding a solution to surviving infidelity in a marriage can be even harder than parting ways. It takes an extremely strong willed woman to get past the pain and piece back the marriage. The big issue many women have is the difficulty in trusting him again.

It can be best dealt with if both partners are ready to work things out. It will take patience and a lot of hard work to take those foul images out of your mind, to regain your self-respect and to rebuild the trust that you once had in your spouse. If you choose to stay, you must give your relationship time, talk about the causes of the betrayal and the status of your marriage before the affair.

If your spouse is hanging on to the affair even after your discovery and accusation, your marriage is clinging on to a weak thread. The affair must be over for you and your spouse to begin rebuilding your marriage.

There are plenty of marriage rebuilding programs available. Marriage counselors, online resources and therapy groups are readily available. These marriage and infidelity programs help rebuild relationships seeing as many couples who try to go it alone often fail. A program usually involves a series of discussions between the couple to uncover the reason behind the affair, and then a step by step healing process.

When coping with infidelity in a marriage, choosing whether to stay or go depends completely on you and your partner. The best advice is to take your time in making a final decision. When you are surviving an affair, emotions run high and logic is low. This is very normal and being kind, patient and compassionate with yourself is the key to making your final decision. Remember, it is your life and only you will know what is best.

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