Monday, August 15, 2011

The Signs Of Infidelity Most Of Us Miss

You would think that it would be hard to miss the signs of infidelity, but for many of the victims of a cheating spouse, it is often too late before they know. Trusting your significant other usually goes without saying, the unconditional bonds of love are supposed to stand the test of time. However, the reality is that many couples are rocked by the shattering blows of infidelity. The question you need to ask yourself is, "are the signs of infidelity lurking in the shadows of my relationship?". Here are some common characteristics of a cheating spouse you must be on the lookout for.

All Work And No Play?

You know your spouse works hard and is dedicated to their job. However, if it seems like they are spending more and more time away due to work-related reasons, it could be one of the signs of infidelity. Late night projects, out of town meetings, and having difficulty getting in contact with your spouse, just might not be that straightforward and simple. Before going in with guns blazing, it is best to make an effort to know more about your spouse and their work. Talking about their added efforts at work will give you some indication of just how much work they are really doing. Dropping in, out of the blue, is a great way to create an awareness that you are keeping tabs. Many cases of infidelity stem from office romances, so do not be convinced that it is all work and no play.

Dreaming Of Something Or Someone?

A person can be completely enveloped during the beginning stages of a relationship. What that means is, if your spouse is starting to see someone, they are going to be continuously thinking about them. They replay the previous encounters and dream about what they will do next together. As far as signs of infidelity are concerned, you might see your spouse daydreaming a lot or just plain lost in thought. Something, or in their case, someone, has them caught up in thought. Your spouse will be pretty much non-communicative, lazy and not interested in doing much of anything. After all, anything that takes away from their dream-time is not a good thing. Look for reasons why they are "somewhere out there" and determine if it is something else.

No Longer Calm and Collected?

Once they are involved with another person, they are pretty much guilty of cheating. With that guilt comes paranoia. They know they are doing wrong, whether they care or not, and they are extra careful not to expose any signs of infidelity. You may consider your spouse pretty laid back most of the time, and so added anxiety should be pretty easy to spot. They have no choice but to be on guard all day and night, one slip up and they expose their secret double life. The heightened paranoia will be visible in how they interact with you, how they react to sights and sounds, and how they act when out in public. Keeping a secret as large as infidelity has got to be pretty stressful, so do not brush off added stress as plainly work, finance or health related.

These signs of infidelity as well as many others are too commonly ignored by the victims of a cheating spouse. The last thing we suspect with the love of our lives is anything extramarital. There has to be a point where you stop accepting what you see as nothing, and investigate further to find out if there is more there than you realize.

So where do you start? Hopefully it is not already too late. Doing this on your own is not going to be your best choice. You need to enlist the help of those that have seen the signs of infidelity first-hand and have taken steps to expose cheaters.

If you are ready to find out just how truly guarded your relationship is from infidelity, take a moment to drop by my website,, and get the information you need to catch a cheating spouse before it is too late.

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