Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marriage Infidelity - Recovering From Unfaithfulness

Marriage infidelity is one of if not the hardest marital issue to recover from but it's not an impossible thing to do. If you or your spouse is guilty of committing adultery you already know the pain and heartache which results from marriage infidelity.

Why Did The Affair Happen?

There are many different scenarios by which an affair begins but most often there is an innocent relationship that eventually turns into something more. It's no different than when two individuals meet and start to realize that they have something in common.

Before you know it they begin to fill each others emotional needs and then have an attraction towards one another that's beyond emotional. Unfortunately when some needs are not being met in a marriage spouses allow others to fill the void, instead of working with their spouse.

It is important to work through all of the reasons and issues in the marriage to truly understand why marriage infidelity occurred, especially if couples try to work things out.

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