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Wife Caught Cheating - The Story or a man who caught his wife cheating red handed. Here is how he did it

Wife Caught Cheating by husband - How he did it.

I am a psychologist who specializes in relationship related issues. A great many of my patients come to see me because they suspect their wife or husband is cheating or they have already caught them cheating and the sense of psychological unrest and unhappiness that follows is something they need counseling for.

One thing that has always made me crazy as a therapist is situations where one partner suspects infidelity in another partner and can never actually get firm and solid proof of the cheating. With many of these patients I felt that if the husband or wife actually caught their cheating partner in bed would give them much more satisfaction and happiness than suspecting and not knowing.

This is a story of a patient of mine named Bill. Bill had met a woman whom in his own words he said was way out of his league. Her name is Linda.I never actually met Linda but Bill showed me pictures of her and she was definitely a movie star material. After just four months of dating Bill and Linda became husband-and-wife. It was only three months after they were married that Bill suspected his wife was cheating.

She worked 60 hours a week and what little time was left over that could be spent with Bill she found excuse after excuse to allow other activities to consume that time. I realized rather quickly that even if Linda was not cheating on Bill their relationships certainly was not normal or healthy.

Week after week Bill's suspicions of his wife's cheating grew while his sanity and peace of mind shrank. I made a suggestion to him about a tool that he could use so he could catch his wife cheating if she in fact was.

Now normally it is a faux pas for a therapist or a psychologist to directly make suggestions or give advice to a patient. The main reason being is if the suggestion does not work out as hoped the therapist would be held liable, potentially legally. However the way I saw it Bill's sanity was at stake and using a tool like a cell phone spy would prove once and for all that Bill's wife was not cheating OR that she was cheating. Either way I felt Bill's sanity and peace of mind could only improve.

For those of you reading who are not familiar with what a cell phone spy program is a cell phone spy is a small program that gets installed on a person's cell phone. Installing a cell phone spy because of suspicions of infidelity is one of the biggest reasons cell phone spy tools are used. A more in depth explanation of what a cell phone spy is, how it can be used, and where to get it can be found at the Mobile Phone Spy website.

Bill installed the cell phone spy on Linda's cell phone. In less than 72 hours Bill was presented with an avalanche of information that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that his wife Linda was cheating.

Bill was able to intercept text messages that were being sent back and forth between Linda and her secret lover that clearly indicated romantic involvement between Linda and the other person. In addition the cell phone spy program Bill used allowed him to track the exact geographical location of Linda. Over the course of 72 hours Bill's wife, Linda, had lied about where she was going more than five times.

One of the features of most cell phone spying programs is the ability to intercept information about phone calls that are made and received with the cell phone that has the cell phone spy program on it. Billentered two of these phone numbers that he didn't recognize and entered them into a reverse phone lookup service. Both these phone numbers belonged to Linda's boss. One was Linda's bosses cell phone numberand the other was Linda's bosses home phone number.

Bill has since divorced Linda and is now dating another woman. A happy ending to this story is his experience with the cell phone spy program has taught him that at any other time in the future he had suspicions about a partner's infidelity instead of pulling his hair out of his head wondering he can just use a cell phone spy program and a reverse phone lookup service to get to the truth of the matter quickly and efficiently.

The cell phone spying program I recommended to Bill that he used was spy bubble. The reverse phone lookup service he used was Phone Call Trace.

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