Saturday, August 13, 2011

Save Your Marriage Infidelity Doesn't Have To Mean The End

Infidelity is one of the things that can really tear a marriage apart. The betrayal of everything a marriage stands for can be devastating for the parties involved. I personally think infidelity is one of the biggest reasons why marriages fall apart! A marriage is supposed to be a bond for life, a union between two people that should not be broken.

The fact that one of the partners get involved in a physical relationship outside the marriage is normally a symptom and not a reason. The "mental" infidelity normally starts long before that. Very often infidelity is emotional. One of the partners in the marriage starts to share a life with someone outside the marriage, even if there is nothing physical about it

This emotional infidelity had really become a proble m in the last few decades. iAt is a serious problem and can really tear apart a marriage. Very often the reason is the workplace. In modern times the workplace has become increasingly mixed. People spend long hours working together and there is a mental "bond." Without anyone noticing it, the work relationship can start changing and become more than it should be.

Communication on the sly has also become very easy. It is easy to send an e-mail or to text someone unnoticed. This is a way to communicate and bond and even though this is not the reason, it makes it easier.

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