Monday, August 15, 2011

Recovering From Infidelity and Repairing the Emotional Connection

One of the more challenging aspects of recovering from infidelity and healing your marriage is repairing the emotional rupture between you and your spouse. Marriages take nurturing. Both spouses have to be committed to constantly work on maintaining, strengthening and building their emotional connection to one another. However, an affair can quickly destroy this emotional bond.

Building a strong emotional connection with a spouse who has betrayed and deceived you may seem impossible at the moment. Especially after first learning about the affair, you are forced to deal with all the negative after-effects of the betrayal such as the negative thoughts and emotions that are invading your mind. Not to mention the loss of trust in your relationship with your spouse. But, it can be done. It is not going to happen overnight, because there is a lot of internal work that both parties need to do before this can be accompl ished.

Healing the rupture to your emotional connection with your spouse means that both of you have to agree on being 100 percent honest and open with each other. There should be no place in your relationship for any more lies, secrecy or half-truths. When a marriage is in crisis, communicating can prove to be quite challenging. One spouse may want to talk but the other party may not be in the right frame of mind at the moment to engage in any type of discussion. Situations like these can stifle communication and cause more stress to an already fragile emotional bond. To alleviate this problem, marriage experts suggest that couples set aside a specific time and place to meet and talk about their problems.

The advantage to setting up a pre-arranged time to talk is that it gives both parties the opportunity to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally and it also lets them clear their minds of any distractions, that way each spouse can really focus on each other and the issues at hand. Recovering from infidelity and repairing that all so important emotional connection with your spouse, will take time, effort and a stubborn attitude. But if you and your spouse stick with it, you will move past this stumbling block and heal the rupture.

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