Friday, August 19, 2011

4 Reasons Why Couples Seek Marriage Counseling

In our Marriage Counseling practice, Marriage Rescue Associates, we see couples for a variety of reasons. The list above includes most of the complaints we hear about.

The number one reason that couples seek Marriage Counseling is Infidelity. Whether it is a onetime affair, chronic affairs, or sexual addiction, infidelity is running rampant across our country. Infidelity does not discriminate. Men do it, women do it, the wealthy do it, and the poor do it. One thing that is true in all cases of infidelity is the utter devastation and wreckage it does to a marriage. It is the ultimate in betrayal.

The good news is that Marriage can survive infidelity. Not only can marriages survive infidelity, but the marriage can become stronger than it has ever been. Not because of the affair, but because of the work couples do to restore love and rebuild trust.

Another problem that brings couples to Marriage Counseling is Conflicts and Arguing. Often time the conflict and arguments revolve around the same old subjects that have never been resolved. The repetitive nature of the same old topics again and again can strain and drain any relationship.

The time to discuss these recurring issues is not during conflict. When things are calm between the two of you it is the time to kindly and calmly work toward resolve. Many couples need the help of a Marriage Counselor to accomplish this.

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