Saturday, August 20, 2011

Emotional Infidelity - Recognize It and Stop It

Emotional infidelity is a very dangerous step on the road to a physical affair and can in fact be considered a form of cheating. A person engaged in this behavior is playing a very dangerous game and needs help to preserve the current relationship.

Deep emotional bonds are to be reserved for a marriage or those in a serious relationship. Developing emotional ties to a coworker or a friend is directing relationship energy to the wrong person. The person on the receiving end of this infidelity is also getting strong signals that he or she is desirable for a full blown affair.

Emotional infidelity is when a person in a relationship begins sharing personal conversations normally reserved for a spouse or partner with someone he or she is not involved with. This can be through normal conversation, texting, emailing or online forums or chats.

The point is that a bonding process is forming with the wrong person. It normally is the case the these types of personal sharing are then NOT happening with the person they are in a relationship with or married to. It is a clear indication of a problem in the main relationship.

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