Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Filipino Women Infidelity: Are You Paranoid About Online Relationships?

In a traditional setting of a society in the Philippines, the issues of filipino women infidelity towards their partners is considered a taboo. If ever there are instances of women not being faithful to their partners in life, they are considered outcasts in that particular society. But when it comes to the men not being faithful to their wives, it is something that is not really talked about. Men in the Philippine culture are expected to provide for their family no matter what they are doing outside their homes. If the husbands are unable to provide and are giving extra marital relationship only then will they be criticized and ridiculed by the society they live in.

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Changes In The Society

With the present society, the influence in western culture from different forms of media such as television, radio, newspapers, men's magazines, and the internet filipino women infidelity issues are slowly becoming a norm. Not to mention, the high percentage of Filipinas being able to travel, live and work abroad adds to that change when they are able to visit or return to their home country. In addition, there are a lot of foreigners who are residing in the Philippines either permanently or for longer periods.

The use of the internet allows Filipinas residing in the Philippines or anywhere around the world to connect with their friends or getting acquainted to different people from all walks of life. Philippine dating sites have thousands of Filipina members who reside in the Philippines or in different countries around the world. They engage with a lot of men simultaneously for different reasons. It could be for true love, casual relationships, plain fun, or in worst case scenarios, to get rich. it has become a breeding ground for for both promiscuous men and women.

The Younger Generation

With the western culture being able to influence the younger generation of men and women, they get into a relationship at a very young age. Sometimes, they marry very early. For some that seemingly knows how to play with their deck of cards they end up being promiscuous from their single life even when they are married. However, there are still a lot of women out there who still believe that staying pure for the person that they want to marry is very important. So engage wisely to avoid filipino women infidelity problems.

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