Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting Past Infidelity: A Guide to Surviving the Trial

There are a lot of trials that a marriage may encounter, but one of the worst scenarios is discovering that your partner is having an affair. Infidelity brings a very huge impact that sometimes, couples find it extremely hard to go back on track again. But hard doesn't mean impossible. If both of you are willing to fix your marriage, then there's a way to do that. Here are 5 tips that can help in getting past infidelity:

1) Take time off-separately. Even after the two of you have already agreed to give your marriage another try, remember that wounds don't heal instantly. Give each other time to think things over so you can figure out what you really want.

2) Make sure that the affair is over. The spouse who has committed infidelity should show sincerity of his wanting to fix the marriage by ending all forms of communication between them and the third party. This is the first step in trying to rebuild trust.

3) Surround yourself with a reliable support group. Be with people who love both of you and would encourage you to go on. Pick those family and friends that are not judgmental and could support while you're working on the marriage.

4) Be transparent. Since you're trying to rebuild the trust, be willing to be an open book. Inform each other about your appointments and never ever lie again. Make them realize that you've got nothing to hide.

5) Forget about revenge. Focus on your goal as a couple. You two must work hand in hand to achieve a healthier relationship.

Infidelity causes your marriage to be divided into two: the first part or blissful part of your marriage and the one after infidelity has been committed. Sure things become a lot tougher in the latter part when you try it again but if the cheating spouse sincerely wants to iron things out, and you still have love and compassion remaining in your heart, just follow those tips and you can surely make up and find yourselves in a happy marriage again.

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