Monday, August 29, 2011

What? This is Free?! Incredible Blessing!

This summer we moved the boys down the basement. Brendan moved out, which freed up two rooms, so now they could each have their own bedroom, and Michael and I would share an office.

Unfortunately this move hasn't been too easy on Nathaniel who doesn't want to sleep alone. He says that he's scared to be alone, and every night he asks if he can sleep in Graham's room. So I've been trying to wean him into it by visiting his bedroom every ten minutes to let him know I'm around. I'm also keeping a little lamp on in the room so he isn't in the dark, but he's still so scared. Poor little guy.

Last night I had a good idea, which both Nathaniel and I are excited about! I'm setting him up with the "Adventures in Odyssey" by Focus on the Family. I remember that Brendan loved the series back in the day, so much so that we bought all the cassette tapes and videos for him. Unfortunately it was so long ago, that I have none of it around anymore.

But I'm having a good day. First off, I was blessed to find an iPod dock that Brendan left behind when he moved, and secondly, Graham gave us his old iPod. That was good stuff, but the biggest blessing came when I went over to iTunes to search for the series and found out that 133 of the shows are available for free! Yes--133. At first I found 15 of them, but digging a little deeper, I discovered a page with 133 of them!

Nathaniel just walked in the room while I was typing that last paragraph, and said, "Thanks for downloading those stories, Mom. I can't wait to hear them, but I want to save them for night time."

So excited that I'm able to offer him something exciting at bedtime. Love it!!

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