Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coping With Infidelity and Rebuilding Your Marriage After Cheating

How do you go about coping with infidelity? Where do you start to pick up the pieces? It's so hard just to get through the day sometimes knowing that someone you loved with your whole heart and soul has betrayed you in the worst way. You feel so devastated that at times you wonder if you can ever get past this stumbling block and move forward with the difficult work of rebuilding your marriage that the affair so devastated.

How do you move forward on the long road to healing? You cope with a cheating spouse just as you cope with any other type of crisis in your life. Coping with infidelity is a little like overcoming alcoholism or any other addiction in that you have to set a course and take it day by day. You'll have good days and bad, but if you stick to the course, it will eventually start to get a li ttle better and easier with time.
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