Saturday, August 20, 2011

How To Survive an Act of Infidelity and Begin To Rediscover Yourself

Let us look at this emotional affair, this act of infidelity that we find ourselves in at this time. Having been in this position myself I understand the feelings of people that are suffering from emotions caused by your partner, wife or husband having an affair. I would like to share with you some things we must look at before we can begin to survive the emotion, before we can even begin to rediscover who we actually are.

There is pain, there is a lot of emotional pain and unlike physical pain you can't take a pill to help. We must face the pain head on. It helps to know that your spouse has to deal with the negatives of their stupid mistake and their selfishness. It helps to know that in most cases the person your husband or wife cheated with is no better, smarter or more talented than you in any way, but these are the thoughts that are in our heads causing self doubt and to question our worth.

As quirky as it sounds, this infidelity that has caused the emotional affair has given us the opportunity to rediscover ourselves and this is the beginning of the recovery. Life does go on and we have to be part of it. I have found that the most important thing we must do is to focus on ourselves, focus on our thoughts, how happy have I been? Do I really want to be the same as I was prior to the affair? Try and get rid of the negatives in our mind and replace them only with positives. Yes I am as good as ever; I can come out the winner because I am better than the ones our husband or wife cheated with.

You may well say that it is not easy to be positive in these circumstances and I wholeheartedly agree it is not easy, but you will find that it is the beginning of a recovery from the emotional hell that the infidelity has caused. When you are strong in mind you are much more able to look your partner in the eye and discuss it rationally.

There is a great deal of help available on the subject of infidelity, you must never be afraid to access it.

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