Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Steps To Healing The Hurt Of Infidelity

Few things are as emotionally painful as betrayal. There are ways to deal with the pain of infidelity if you choose to forgive it. Right now, you may not even be able to describe how painful it is for you. Believe it or not, there advantages to forgiving someone who's cheated on you, even though forgiveness might not seem to make much sense right now. You might be doing this because your feelings for him are still strong, but an even more important reason is that you're doing it for yourself. There are so many ways that forgiving him and rebuilding the relationship will benefit you as well. Forgiving infidelity, though, is something that you do only once with a boyfriend - make it clear that there are no third chances. If he's cheated before, and has now cheated again, you know he's going to do it again. Get on with your life without him. If he's really sincere about rebui lding the relationship, then try these five steps:

Healing Infidelity Tip #1

The first step is this: sit down and have an honest talk with him about his infidelity. No matter hard it is for you, it's going to be hard on him as well, because he's going to have to explain why he couldn't be faithful. He'll be admitting that he's weak. But it's a critical conversation to have if you're to find out why he cheated. Perhaps he thought that your feelings for him had cooled down, or maybe he just had a crisis of self-confidence. When he explains himself, don't be accusatory and judgmental - you already know he's weak, and now he's confirming it. Why kick him when he's down? You'll be able to judge the depth of his sincerity and remorse during this conversation, which is the other reason you can't skip it.
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