Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How To Cope With Infidelity-7 Steps to Learning How to Live Again

You might have suspected it was happening, or maybe you had no earthly idea...but you've just found out your spouse is having an affair. Suddenly, you're sick to your stomach, shaking like a leaf and you just want to crawl in a hole and die. It may seem like nothing and no one can possibly tell you how to cope with infidelity, but there are things you can do to lesson the pain.

7 Steps Back to Living

1. Realize that you are in no condition to make decisions regarding your marriage. Take time to think deeply about it and analyze what other problems might need to be acknowledged and discussed. As you go through the process of learning how to cope with infidelity, you will begin to think clearer and be able to make rational decisions.

2. Accept that your feelings are all part of how to cope with infidelity, whether you're angry, shocked, depressed, etc..., they are all normal. Embrace them and allow yourself to work through them.

3. Try to find some joy in activities you pursued before the affair. Laughing is part of learning how to cope with infidelity. It lessons the pain. Life does go on whether we like it or not.

4. You may find your sleep schedule disrupted, your appetite either missing or voracious, and your ability to concentrate simply gone. Try to take care of yourself. As you are learning how to cope with infidelity, you will make better decisions if you are getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy meals.

5. Crying is good for the soul so let your sorrow out. Tears are cleansing and will help you as you are learning how to cope with infidelity. A sad m ovie will help if you're having a hard time letting them out.

6. Don't waste your time blaming, it does no good and achieves no real purpose. It can't change anything. The affair happened...bottom line...and now you have to learn how to cope with infidelity in order to move on.

7. Take an honest look at your situation. Do you have the means to leave if you decide to? Do you really want to? Make sure you have a place to go and a means to care for yourself if you decide not to stay with your spouse. These feelings might change as you're learning how to cope with infidelity, so be certain of your decisions.

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