Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Would Your Wife Cheat on You? Here are the 6 Top Reasons

Infidelity is a crushing blow to many relationships. When there is a marriage involved, the pain and sense of betrayal can be overwhelming. Today there are more married women cheating on their husbands than ever, and the number is growing. In the past, it was usually thought that it was the males who were having affairs. Women were thought to be more faithful in a marriage. There was also a double standard imposed which gave a tacit approval to unfaithful husbands while women who cheated were judged much more harshly. Now through research and studies, it appears that women have not had a sudden change of morals in the last 10 years; it is just that they are being more open about infidelity.

In most relationships, a man who has been unfaithful will expect to be forgiven for their marital transgressions. There are millions of women who will forgive their wayward mate, or at least pay mouth service to the words. The pain of an affair seems to be deeper when the straying spouse is the female. Many men will find it very difficult to forgive what they think is the ultimate betrayal. The reasons that women cheat are as varied and unique as the women are. If you think that your wife will never cheat on you, you might be living in a dream world. Here are the top 6 reasons why wives cheat on their husbands.

� Bad Relationship-Many women have confessed that they often have felt trapped in marriages and cheated out of frustration. They look at an affair as a chance to feel �loved�. Reasons for bad relationships include lack of compatibility, drifted apart, separate lives, and marrying too young.

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