Monday, August 15, 2011

Could Emotional Infidelity Be Keeping Your Husband From Being Intimate With You?

There are many reasons why spouses lose their intimacy in a relationship and unfortunately sometimes emotional infidelity is the culprit.

There are many reasons why a husband might no longer be as intimate as he used to be so it's important not to jump to conclusions. The important thing is that you not rush to judgment but also get to the bottom of the issue so your marriage can flourish.

One of the first things to think about is in what ways has he changed? Is he no longer as romantic as he used to be? Does he no longer seem to enjoy kissing you or holding you closely for more than 10 seconds? It's important to determine if he really changed or if perhaps he's just the same but your needs have changed over time.

For example, were you always the initiator of the intimacy, but now you would like him to be the initiator to show you that he is still interested in you? If that's the case then perhaps it's time to let him know that your needs have changed so he can know how to meet your needs.

If you are sure that it's your husband that has changed, it will help if you can think through if anything has changed in the dynamics of your relationship that may be contributing to the emotional infidelity. Has a work situation changed or perhaps recent pressures your husband is dealing with? See if you can gain some insight into what could be behind your husband's emotional infidelity, because it will give you a good idea how to fix the problem.

There are some signs of emotional infidelity that you can be on the lookout for that might confirm your suspicions such as;

Does he seem to be sharing intimate details about his life with someone at work or in the neighborhood? You may find this out by a slip of his tongue or perhaps someone else bringing up a matter that you and your husband should know about. Is he spending a lot of time on the computer or cell phone when this used to be a minor distraction in your relationship and intimacy? Is he all of sudden more guarded in his conversations and explanations for what he is working on or doing. For example, after a lengthy phone call, when you ask him "who was that" does he say "no one important" when he used to tell you not only who but what the call was about.

There are many other signs that emotional infidelity could be affecting the intimacy in your marriage. The key to finding and putting an end to emotional infidelity is to strengthen your relationship and fill the needs that might be being met by someone else.

To improve your marriage and end the emotional infidelity it's important that you understand all the specific things you can do starting today to capture all of your husband's love and not share him with anyone else.

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