Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marriage Infidelity - How to Affair-Proof Your Relationship

Marriage infidelity is devastating to any marriage and can easily and quickly lead to divorce. Spouses often put up with a lot of difficulties in the marriage and try to work things out. However, when it comes to unfaithfulness it takes a lot of forgiveness, rebuilding and restoration to avoid divorce.

Your marriage is just as susceptible to an affair as every other marriage is. It's true that some couples do more to protect themselves from such a tragic marriage busting act but the more you do to affair proof your marriage the better chance you will have at avoiding the ugliness and pain associated with affairs.

Here are some ways you can help affair proof your marriage and prevent infidelity

Keep Your Marriage Fun

One of the reasons couples begin to drift apart is because they get bored with each and no longer have fun together. Often times a spouse gets involved with someone who has like interests and is fun to be around. So many affairs start out as friendships turned into more after the friends find out that they generally enjoy the same things and like being around each other. Make sure you are finding ways to keep your marriage fun and interesting and it will help you avoid marriage infidelity.

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