Friday, August 19, 2011

Warning Signs of a Cheating Husband – Tips for Wives Who Suspect Infidelity in Their Marriage

Any woman who even remotely suspects her spouse may be having an extramarital affair needs to be aware of the warning signs of a cheating husband. As much as many men think they can get away with committing adultery behind their wife�s back, virtually all of them are bound to make a mistake now and again. If you know what to look for, you�ll be able to gather enough evidence to confront your husband and make an informed decision about what is best for you and your family. Being aware of what to look for is essential to catching a cheating husband.

One of the most obvious warning signs of a cheating husband is a drastic change in his work schedule. When a man is having an affair he needs time to spend with his mistress. The easiest excuse to use for time away from home is work. If your spouse is suddenly putting in long hours at th e office or if he has to work weekends, when he never has in the past, he may be using that time to meet someone. It�s fairly easy to check if he�s telling the truth in this instance. You can drive by his office and look for his car or you can check to see if he�s being paid for all the extra time he�s devoting to his job.

Not all of the warning signs of a cheating husband are that easy to spot. If a man is contemplating starting a new intimate relationship he may decide he needs to spruce up his appearance. If your husband has lost a lot of weight recently or if he�s invested in a new wardrobe, don�t jump to the conclusion that it�s all for your benefit. He may be trying to impress the new woman in his life. Another related clue that a man is cheating is he�ll change his cologne. Many women have a favored scent and they�ll ask the man they�re involved with to wear it. If he smells differently, you need to be more aware of what�s going on in his life.

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