Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recovering From Infidelity and Reclaiming Your Inner Sanctuary

When recovering from infidelity in a marriage, learning how to release the power of obsessive thoughts about the affair is essential to reclaiming your inner sanctuary, that is, your mind. It's not uncommon to find yourself being bombarded with negative thoughts and images constantly. But realize that you can't change the past, but you can make your future better by managing your thinking. In the long run, only you can reclaim your mind by eliminating the stream of negative thoughts that invades it at every opportunity.

It seems unfair that you (the betrayed spouse) should have no peace, even in your own mind, from your cheating spouse's selfish actions. Lets face it, betrayal is very hard to overcome, you're all tied up in knots just thinking about all the sordid details. You can't seem to get those negative thoughts and emotions out of your head. And yet, despite their tenacious hold on you, you can repair you r thinking and heal emotionally, if you are willing to struggle against your old thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

There are ways for you to control your thoughts and fend off those negative emotions that you are feeling. One thing you can do is to have a ready list of positive thoughts prepared in your mind, so that whenever something triggers a mental image that would lead into negative thinking about the affair, you'll have a standby image ready and waiting to replace it with. You need to plan ahead by creating actionable steps to break the negative thought pattern. That means that if you discover that a certain activity brings up these thoughts, then switch to something else.

Recovering from infidelity can be a long and painful process and learning how to overcome the mental images and emotions can prove to be quite challenging. But you can make your thoughts your own once again and rec laim your inner sanctuary. You just need to learn how to reclaim your ability to entertain only those thoughts that build you up, rather than destroy your peace of mind.

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