Sunday, August 21, 2011

After Infidelity - Protecting Your Emotional Well Being

Protecting your emotional well being after infidelity has turned your relationship and life upside down should be one of your top priorities.

Yes it's true many couples choose to end their relationship after an affair has been uncovered but there are also a lot of couples who find a way to restore their broken relationship.

So after infidelity hits you like a runaway train, you are left with a ton of emotional issues and questions to deal with. It's important that you deal with them when you are ready not when your cheating partner is ready. You should be in the driver's seat when it comes to how and when your rebuilding occurs, if you decide to try, and work it out.

So how do you protect your emotional well being after infidelity?

Get Your Questions Answered

It's important that you get your questions answered and you will no doubt have many. I'm sure you have your own but here are a few questions that have helped folks begin the healing process. Some of these are more difficult than others so I recommend trying to get answers only for the ones that matter to you.

Is this the first or only affair? Who is the other person? How long has the affair been going on? Are you still seeing the person? Do you love the person? Why did he or she cheat? Who else knows about the affair? Did you have unprotected sex? Do you have any children conceived with this person? How much of our money have you spent on or with this person? Do you still love me? Do you still want a relationship with me?

Now, after infidelity you may experience some of these feelings or emotions; disbelief, anger, hatred, resentment or desire for revenge and that's expected. Getting some of your questions answered by your cheating partner will help you better understand the infidelity and begin the healing process.

You will also have many questions you have for yourself such as; did I cause the affair to happen, can I make my partner happy or what changes could I make to help the relationship work out? It's natural after infidelity to try to understand what you could have done differently to prevent the affair.

It is my hope that you take care of your emotional well being so that you don't get depressed or eat improperly because of the pain you are experiencing.

Please know that you can be healed and in fact, if it's your desire your relationship can be restored as well. To see how it's possible I want you to take a step of faith and read here Affair Repair about a couple who was in your shoes but now have a wonderful relationship after infidelity.

Don't let your past dictate your future. Click here to learn more about Healing After Infidelity.

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