Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tips to Catch a Cheating Spouse Online - Help If You Suspect Internet Infidelity in Your Marriage

The Internet has become a staple in the lives of almost everybody. It adds a convenience and availability to information that is simply unparalleled. It comes at a cost though and for many couples that cost is their marriage. Online affairs are becoming more and more popular and unfortunately many men and women have no idea that their partner is carrying on with someone through email and chat. If you suspect that is taking place in your marriage, there are ways you can catch a cheating spouse online.

You have to be mindful of how much time your partner is spending on their computer if you want to catch a cheating spouse online. When an online affair becomes heated, the individuals want to email or chat more often. If your spouse is constantly glued to their monitor and seem to prefer spending time online as opposed to time with you, that's a red flag. Monitoring how much time they are at the computer can help you determine whether or not there's more to their online interest than simple surfing or playing a game.

In order to catch a cheating spouse online you should also take note of where their computer is and whether or not they have it password protected. Once they have left the house to go to work or to run errands, try and access their computer so you can view their browser history. This will give you details of what sites they have visited. You may also be able to locate a log of any online chats they've been having. Also, don't forget to check their email if the password is automatically entered. This can be very telling and can help you gain the e vidence you need to confront your spouse about their online affair.

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