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Couples surviving Infidelity, breaking the chain

All couples, draw a line in the sand when it comes to infidelity. Under no circumstances, do couples compromise or say "Well its okay, everybody makes mistakes" or bend the line drawn in the sand, just to let their cheating partner off the hook. No way, what planet you from? You broke the line, you cheated on me and "YOUR OUTTA HERE". Infidelity instantly destroys the innocent partner, emotionally and cripples the relationship. All trust, love, devotion and respect is lost in a nano second. Infidelity is the unfaithful act of a boyfriend or girlfriend, a spouse or partner, a wife or her husband or a defacto partner and their significant other. And like all stories in every relationship concerning infidelity, every nerve in the body of the innocent partner experiences extreme pain. Infidelity affects many people, it ripples high emotions of disappointment and anger through the hearts of the family members and friends of the innocent partner toward the cheating spouse. Things can turn real ugly quick. So can all of this be avoided without any anybody getting their nose bent out of shape by someone Else's fist? and if so, how do you survive the ordeal?

Surviving the ordeal of infidelity, you must first and foremost, understand what your about to face, identify the different kinds of infidelity and learn to read your situation.

5 kinds of infidelity

Number One: The Opportunists of infidelity. Infidelity occurs when a spouse, whom lives with their partner in a commit-ed relationship and displays love and affection. But when another person outside of the rel ationship comes along, and an opportunity to sleep with them presents itself, they pounce on it, like white on rice, at the drop of a hat. The chances of this incident happening goes through the roof, if the spouse is coerced and compelled by situational circumstances and/or risk taking behavior and recklessness.

Number Two: The Obligatory Infidelity The Infidelity happens when one party of a relationship is continually denied access to sex with the other. which leaves them feeling frustrated, rejected and angry. The rejected spouse may cheat on them, out of spite for withholding sex, even though they are still attracted to their partner.

Number Three: The Infidelity of Romance. The Infidelity occurs when one of the couple, falls out of love with the other and cheats in a romantic affair.

Number Four: A Conflict of Interest Romance. This Infidelity happens when a partner is involved in a the love triangle, where they are sexually active and s trongly in love with their unsuspected spouse, while at the same time, they have fallen head over heals for another person outside of their relationship, and are sexually and romantically involved.

Number Five: The Infidelity of commemoration. The Infidelity occurs when one of the couple has totally fallen out of love with the other and yet is still committed to their relationship and never leaves.

There you have the different kinds of infidelity, so what can be done about them now?

You and your spouse can seek help from a marriage counselor to handle the problems of the affair. Should you not be aware or entirely sure about the infidelity of your partner, then seeking the help from a professional will teach you how to address the problem and over come it. By getting to the bottom of your spouses problem concerning the betrayal and learning a bout their triggers associated to infidelity and what sets them off, can help work out differences you and your partner had and form a more trusting, loving and open relationship.

Spending quality time with your partner will do wonders for your relationship. Talking about things you both enjoy doing together or things you may have in common as oppose to something negative is a good thing. Spending more time together rather than apart. Take the time to listen to your partners needs and desires and work through them, hand in hand. Try to stay clear of family and friends when talking about these issues, as it only involves you two. In conclusion should you at any given time need to discuss, talk or ask any questions concerning your problems, get a professional marriage counselor, at the end of the day, it will be best help you'll ever receive.

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