Monday, August 29, 2011

One Bible, One Page, One Verse

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There was nothing beautiful about that morning on April 14, 1965. The truth is that my birth was an agonizing and painful experience. One child destined to be born, was torn from the loins of a woman screaming and writhing in pain while her hands held tight to the blood-stained sheets.

And just when the screaming finally stopped the doctor sternly announced, “She’s not breathing.”

Lifeless arms dangled as though they hung on a thread, while I was rushed aside for emergency CPR. One lung had already collapsed and my heart, barely the size of a gumball, stopped dead. My life was out of their hands, and it was up to my Father in Heaven to decide whether this little girl had a future on earth, or whether I would return to the safety and comfort of His unfailing arms.

Two minutes later, this girl that lay lifeless, without a beat left in her heart, was blessed. Two minutes later, I was sent into this world with a mission, “Share the power of My Word.”

He knew what I was destined to be. He knew every failure, every fault, and every act of disobedience that I'd offer to Him in the name temptation and sin. He knew the frailty of my humanity, the weakness of my flesh, and my propensity toward temptation. And yet by the goodness of His incomparable grace He planted me into the soil of this world that I might be a seed that carries the message of His immaculate Word.

One Bible, one page, one verse... One Bible, one page, one verse... the power of His word giving hope to the lost.

Freely ye have received,freely give. - Matthew 10:8

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