Monday, August 8, 2011

Learn Surviving Infidelity Tips to Stop the Cycle

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Infidelity is a violation of physical, emotional, and sexual commitments made by a couple when they get married. It is not only a violation of trust but also a breach in the respect held by each partner. An individual who has been unfaithful has created pain, not only for their spouse who has experienced the betrayal, but they themselves are not experiencing the pain of infidelity. So, you may be asking, if it's hurts so many people, how can we avoid it?

Great questions. It is possible to avoid it, and it is possible to survive it. First it is important to know the various types of infidelity a couple can experience in order to understand what you're facing.

Five types of Infidelity:

1 - Opportunistic Infidelity: This is an individual who feels a sense of attachment of desire for both their spouse and a lover and eventually surrenders their sexual desire for that other person. This type of infidelity is often driven by an individual who is more prone to situational risk-taking behavior.

2 - Obligatory Infidelity: This individual enters infidelity though a perceived sense of entrapment or obligation to an advancer that has been pursuing them for some time. The spouse may have been able to deny the advances of the other for some time but eventually experiences a sense of guilt or rejections that leads them to cheating. Despite the infidelity this spouse usually still holds intimate attraction for their spouse.

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