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What Is Emotional Infidelity And How Do You Deal With It

Emotional infidelity can be defined as the constant thinking about the physical attraction you are feeling for someone other than your partner. If you are willingly engaging in constant fantasies about affairs with others and growing physically apart from your companion at the same time, you are beginning a pattern of emotional infidelity. This can eventually turn into real cheating on your partner. Some even consider the fantasies as cheating!

The physical part of a relationship is only one element to many elements in a good relationship. There is far more to a relationship than the physical attraction you have for your only partner. The bond and friendship you have is just as important.

Since partners share a deep emotional connection to each other, when one of them engages in emotional infidelity it is very traumatic to the other partner. A relationship is mostly about sharing emotions, feelings, thoughts and desires. The bond goes beyond just the physical part. The mental bond usually gets stronger as the physical activities decrease.

When emotional
infidelity occurs your partner is beginning to share some mental emotions and desires with someone other than you. This almost always leads to that partner gradually pulling away and leaving you behind emotionally and physically, although they may not actually break up.

Eventually you may end up being a stranger to your partner, when once you were best friends. This cold and new attitude may happens so slowly that it is hard to see and difficult to deal with. At some point the partner being hurt may feel that they have done something wrong and will wrack their brain looking for answers.

Emotional infidelity in a relationship may be hard to prove. It doesn't involve a partner actually sleeping with someone else. For that reason, some people don€t even consider it to be a really bad thing, since it is not an actual affair. But it does erode a relationship slowly until it does become a problem.

Probably the most recognized sign of emotional infidelity is the chemistry between two people. You may notice your partner constantly flirting with or sexually teasing a member of the opposite persuasion. They may claim it is all in innocent fun since there is nothing physically going on behind the scenes. Emotional infidelity will definably cause your partner to act differently than they usually do.

It is important that you don't confuse friendship with emotional infidelity. Many women and men have close friends who are of the opposite sex. They may be friends with whom they have openly flirted with for years, even before you were around. Sometimes these friends may seem to be more confided in than you are. This does not mean your partner is engaging in emotionally infidelity.

Guilt is the biggest thing you should look for. Open friends will do things in the open. If your partner seems to feel guilty, lies or is trying to hide the way they are with another person, than they may be practicing emotional infidelity. Most people don€t hide their relationships with close friends although some do if they feel their partner gets too jealous too easily. Usually hiding something too often does mean you have some secret you are tying to hide.

Most people consider emotional infidelity to be a p roblem in itself, but the worst part is that it may lead to a relationship going sour. As well, it may lead to physical affairs if it goes on too long and too often. Catching emotional infidelity in the early stages will make it easier to deal with and potentially save your relationship.

Two prominent signs are secretive behavior and your partner suddenly becoming emotionally disengaged from you. If you have noticed your partner pulling away more and more or becoming distant in some way you may want to talk to them about emotional infidelity. As well take note of them hiding a lot of emails and phone calls or acting like they are often doing things in secret.

Learning how to recognize and deal with emotional fidelity in the early stages can save your relationship. It can be tough to notice, but when you do, you should seek out ways and advice to help yourself and your partner.

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