Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Warning! An Emotional Affair Will Destroy Your Marriage - How to Stop the Worst From Happening

Any kind of relationship starts from a friendship. Even an emotional affair begins from true and innocent friendship.

However, this friendship can lead to something more, and after a certain time this friendship can turn into an emotional affair and can be a reason for broken marriage. It is as dangerous as a sexual relationship.

Very often a marital relationship faces several crises. But when this crisis and the after effects continue for a long time extra marital affairs of different sorts begins.

How Did Your Spouse Start Their Emotional Affair?

Emotional affairs mainly develop when a person is always neglected or is not comfortable with his or her spouse. In an emotional affair one starts off with:

Simple Outings or Seemingly Non-Chalant 'Hanging Out' Chats Over the Phone or Net that Gradually Become Inappropriately Long Meeting for Coffee or Lunch on an Increasingly Regular Basis

Gradually when one gets a feeling that the opposite sex understands and is very caring this emotional affair turns into something else. An emotional affair begins as soon as BOTH people feel for each other, whether they admit it to the other or not.

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