Friday, August 12, 2011

Relationship Infidelity- Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?

The trouble with relationship infidelity is that it leaves the injured party with a lot of anger and pain. This can be hard to deal with and control. But for your own sanity and health, you need to find ways to rein in these destructive emotions before they destroy you.

As the injured party in a relationship infidelity triangle, you're naturally devastated by the actual fact that your spouse, whom you're keen on and trusted has betrayed you within the worst attainable way, by having an affair. You're feeling terribly lost, terribly, very angry and you can't stop thinking about the photographs of her or him being with someone else.

Relationship Infidelity affects the trust level in a relationship. A relationship is a commitment to each other, together and apart. Infidelity breaks the trust that one has for their partner when they are apart. An affair is cloaked in location and activity lies. Therefore it is difficult to believe what one says.

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