Friday, August 12, 2011

Infidelity Is Sad - Free Useful Hints

This article website was created to provide you with information about Infidelity. I include a lot of factual information in my articles. Our articles are typically based on research and study and very little opinion. I like to structure my articles in a more readable format than most articles. Our format makes it easier for the reader to sort out the key points of the article.

It is difficult to quantify how much time and effort has been put into research for this article. You can see below the facts that we have found. Pay special attention to the facts. Many of these facts will serve as a good starting point as you continue researching:

1. Financial infidelity is probably more rampant than sexual infidelity, and might be just as destructive.

2. Men and women tend to approach relationships from vastly different points of reference and those differences clearly impact reactions to infidelity for each gender, whether that infidelity is emotional or sexual, in very different ways.

3. Married couples, take note; Infidelity is not limited to just sex.

4. More often than not infidelity is surmountable in a relationship.

5. Sexual infidelity is pretty clear cut; someone steps outside the bounds of a relationship and engages in some form of sexual contact with another person.

6. Infidelity is complex, traumatic, dangerous, patriarchal and contributes to the spread of AIDS in America and in Africa.

7. Infidelity is abuse because the characteristics of the unfaithful are like those of a batterer and the symptoms of the victim are like those of the battered.

BREATHER -- As you pause on reading this article, I hope it has so far provided you with insightful information relative to Infidelity. Even if it hasn't so far, the remainder will. Below this paragraph are additional facts that will aide you in your research:

1. To blame the partner of the cheater by saying she or he KNEW of the infidelity is a disturbing simplification and rationalization.

2. Sexual infidelity in marriage is called adultery or an affair and in other interpersonal relationships it may be called cheating.

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