Monday, August 8, 2011

Making Sense of Infidelity in Your Marriage

You found your soul mate and decided it was time to take the next step so you tied the knot. For a while things were going great but somewhere along the line your relationship changed perhaps now you are left making sense of infidelity in your marriage.

There are many excuses but only a few legitimate reasons for a spouse having an affair. I say legitimate which doesn't mean it's ok but just understandable.

Is infidelity ever justified or the ultimate act of selfishness?

Many people who have gone through an affair try to justify the unfaithfulness by saying their needs weren't being met. In some instances that probably was the case.

Marriage places a lot of demands on couples and sometimes we suck at dealing with the obstacles in our marriage (to put it plainly). Instead of working together and solving our marriage problems often times we allow them to drive a wedge between us.

Without trying to be condemning or judgmental though I believe that it's selfish to turn to another individual to meet your needs. You make a vow to your spouse and having an affair is a sure fire way to place a permanent wedge between couples. Sure the affair might feel good but you are sure to pay the consequences later.

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