Thursday, August 11, 2011

Infidelity In Marriage - Overcoming The Desire To Leave

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Overcoming infidelity in marriage is not something any married person is prepared to deal with. The initial reaction is shock and a desire to separate from the person who has just broken our heart.

There is something though that keeps a wounded spouse from leaving right away. In some cases it's because there is nowhere to go. There are financial benefits for staying together until the mess is sorted out. There are others who can't see walking away without trying to work things out after investing so much into the marriage.

Regardless of the initial reasons for not leaving the marriage after infidelity has been discovered, the desire to leave still has to be dealt with.

Problem with having the desire to leave - If you continue to struggle with the decision to stay or go you may really never be committed to forgiving and restoring your marriage after infidelity. Your mind might be causing you to say the right things but your heart is most likely causing you to act like you are planning on leaving.

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