Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Emotional Infidelity - Your Wife Had an Emotional Affair, WHY?

You cannot sleep, eat, or even take a break from worrying. Your wife is having an emotional affair, you are sure of it. You are not sure how far it has gone, and if you can get her back, but the big question is ........


Why do women have emotional affairs? Why is emotional infidelity so prevalent? First of all, one of the reasons is there is much more scope for having emotional affairs. Women go to work outside the home now more than ever. So they meet different people, different men, and have to spend lots of time with them. They may have to work together closely on projects. Many businesses encourage their teams to socialize out of work hours, so they end up going for a drink together also.

But none of these mean for sure she is having an emotional affair or even thinking about it. Sometimes these affairs just start because she has someone, that is not you, that she can share problems with. It is a short leap from a work problem to a home problem.

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