Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Signs Show That You Can Save Your Marriage After an Affair?

Infidelity in marriage is an impediment to a healthy marital life. The first reaction after realizing that you have been cheated by the person closest to you is that of shock, disbelief and disappointment. Most often cheating leads to divorce but if you see all or any of these five signs in your partner, it may be wise to give your marriage a second chance.

The first among these is a confession of guilt from your partner. It is a sign of regret and actually the first step towards rebuilding broken trust. If your spouse feels the need to tell you the truth it means he or she wants to get back on the right track and be faithful to you. It is prudent to give your spouse a second chance in such a situation. What works best is a little bit of support and assurance from you. Cheating leads to divorce but a positive signal may lead to reconciliation.

The second reassuring situation arises when your spouse ceases to have any contacts with his/her lover. This implies that he/she is trying to come out of the affair and this is a good sign! In these situations what your spouse needs the most is your company. It helps to communicate as much as possible. It hurts to talk about the affair but it heals the situation too. Though difficult, it is important to have a free mind to listen to your spouse. Let your partner justify his/her actions. This will further help you to analyze where you went wrong in your marriage. Both of you need to analyze the reasons for the affair and then work together to negate it.

Though cheating leads to divorce, sharing your problems with your spouse may solve much of the problem. It is difficult to forgive and forget the whole affair but it may help to scrutinize the reasons which led your spouse to be unfaithful. Working on the problem areas is important. You could find out ways in which you can make your marriage work. As the saying goes, 'it takes two to tango', remember you have to contribute effectively to the betterment of your marriage. Infidelity is uncalled-for but if your spouse is taking a step forward to mend the marriage you should help in whatever way you can. Cheating leads to divorce but a little co-operation may result in a healthy togetherness.

It might be a good idea to seek help from a marriage counselor if both partners are willing. If it's not a comfortable option, online groups and forums can also help. Look for the right signs and if you find them don't hesitate to give your partner the chance he/she deserves!

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