Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Infidelity is Everywhere

It seems infidelity in marriage is always in the headlines. Whether it's a world famous golfer trying to restart his career or an Academy Award winning actress dealing with her soon to be ex significant other, just about every few days a story about infidelity in marriage comes across the wire and piques the public interest. A prime illustration of infidelity in marriage is the case of Elizabeth and John Edwards. Just before his second run for the Presidency of The United States former Senator Edwards made a stunning confession to his wife.

He admitted to having an affair but swore to her that it was nothing more than a one time fling. She decided to not only believe him but also help out in an attempt to cover things up. As became apparent it was a disastrous gamble that blew up in both of their faces.

A relationship going south due to infidelity can happen to anyone. But people tell themselves different. They think that infidelity in marriage only happens to others. If only couple x had communicated better or couple y had spent more time together than maybe one party would not have strayed. They tell themselves within their own relationship that everything is as it should be.

That is the green light that a philandering spouse needs to really live it up when it comes to infidelity in marriage. Whatever apprehension they may have had before is for the most part removed. They no fear of their spouse getting suspicious let alone catching them. The trust that holds the marriage together now serves as the perfect cover to hide their extramarital escapades.

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