Thursday, August 11, 2011

Infidelity in A Marriage

In this day and age, engaging in extramarital affairs has become very rampant. Statistics of broken homes are increasing every year. It is a sad fact that a loy of couple are failing their marital vows. The fact is people can still have happy, fulfilling monogamous relationships. In fact, studies show that it is more emotionally beneficial if two people stay in such a healthy relationship. But still, how come people cheat? Here are a number of reasons:

Partners cheat because they feel bored in the relationships they are in. The excitement and thrill is no longer there. Therefore, it is helpful if both you and your partner take time to do exciting activities together. This will help stir the enthusiasm all over again. Remember the things you did when you are dating and getting to know each other. It may be one partner loves sports, why not indulge in them together again? Taking sometime out doing other things spark romance and creative a wonderful friendship among couples. You may not believe it, but if you focus too much of your time on your partner and your relationship, that can be destructive as well. Your partner may feel suffocated and wants some time and space out. Tendency is, you become predictable as well and uninteresting. So it is advised that you achieve balance in your life. While you take care of your partner and your relationship, have your own life and take care of it as well. Busy yourself with the things you love doing. A lot of husbands appreciate wives who still grow despite managing the household. They become proud of their wives' achievement and find them very interesting and attractive. For the wives, it is a great thing to have circle of friends and other interesting things to nurture their skills and talents. You like to see the negative instead of the positive. Never count faults and do the blame game. Sometimes couples tend to magnify little faults that they've neglected the more important and beautiful things about their partner. Never let your marriage revolve around petty things. Remember that a happy and positive disposition in life will resonate in the things, surroundings and people around you. You build your life based on what is going on in your mind so always decide to fill your hearts with happy thoughts about you and your partner. Learn to forgive and forget especially if those are just simple mistakes, petty quarrels or just a stubborn blow of the wind words.

Growing in marriage is not impossible. Remember that loving your self and appreciating your individuality makes you more attractive to your partner. Never lose the enthusiasm in the things you do despite a busy schedule managing the household, working in your business or in the corporate world. Most importantly, focus on what's important in life-family. With all these things inside you, it will be a breeze to have a happy marriage that lasts a lifetime.

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