Sunday, August 7, 2011

Infidelity and the City

Painter Jason Morgan's (not his real name) incompatible wedlock of four years pushed him towards one of his colleagues, which eventually resulted in an extra marital affair. Today, Jason finds solace with his colleague and not his lawfully wedded wife.

Like Jason, the marriage of a city-based theatre artist Maryalin Fernandez (name changed) is also witnessing infidelity. However, unlike Jason, Maryalin claims to be happily married and her adultery is nothing other than and till date she has not encountered any emotional entanglements.

Infidelity in marriage or an extra marital affair, which is considered a curse for a happy marriage came into picture with the institution of marriage for several reasons. However, this issue remained within the four walls of the house till sometime back. Contrary to the popular belief, married people from both the genders are seen indulging in infidelity due to numerous reasons.

Why marriage-adultery ratio is higher in the metros?

It is believed that the ratio of infidelity in marriage is relatively higher in the metros. Due to the higher education level and more exposure, people in metros have better accessibility. They get more opportunities to interact with members from the opposite sex without any trouble. This kind of social setting makes it easier for people to have relationships outside their marriage.

Why infidelity creeps in?

Today relationships outside marriages have become common. Infidelity in marriage, varies from person to person. Commonly, it is the outcome of a mismatched marriage, difference of opinion, sexual dissatisfaction, value disparities, different idea of fun and so forth.

How many categories are there?

Generally adultery sneaks in either as a one-night stand or serious-emotional affair. Both are results of sexual dissatisfaction or the desire to experiment. An emotional extra-marital affair is generally an offshoot of marriage-for-the-wrong-reasons.

What one needs to do?

Marital therapists believe that it is essential for people to think about the basic reasons behind their adultery and accordingly one should deal with it. If it is just the outcome of their auto-sexual or polygamous nature then one requires to think about the possible consequences like hazardous sexually-transmitted diseases, ill- effect on family and kids, etc. For people who are involved in highly emotional extra-marital affairs should take a decision for good. If they want to stick to their lover then it's better to officially get separated from their spouse.

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