Friday, August 12, 2011

Causes of a Sexless Marriage - Why Your Lover Turns Cold

A sexless marriage can be a devastating and frustrating state of affairs as this does not only affect sexual satisfaction but intimacy on all levels that can lead to dissatisfaction in a relationship and your marriage which can lead to cheating, depression and divorce at its worst.

This may not always be the case but when you look at the causes of infidelity and marriage breakdowns a lack of connection and intimacy is often underneath all of the problems. The tricky bit is delving even deeper to understand the causes of a sexless marriage which may not be as cut and dried as you might think.

There are two basic causes of reduced sexual intimacy in a marriage: Physical and Psychological

Physical problems tend to be connected to male impotence or variety of female health problems that affect the reproductive systems. These physical problems may cause pain or anxiety whi ch leads to a partner rejecting their lover out of fear of these problems.

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