Sunday, August 7, 2011

3 Activities You Can Do To Help You Survive Infidelity Now

Very often, professionals will advice you to spend time away from your partner to help you survive infidelity now. This time apart gives both of you time to clear your head and think about the next step in your marriage. So here, I am going to share with you 3 activities you can do to help you survive an affair.

Activity #1: Spend time with your family

Your direct family is the most important people in your life. After you start your own family, your direct family will tend to be neglected because of your commitments in your marriage. Now that you are taking time away from your spouse, you can spend time more time with your direct family.

Giving your direct family more time allows you to catch up on the time lost during your marriage. Other than that, your direct family will also provide you with support and love during this time when you are separated from your spouse.

However, I will advice you not to confide in your family about your spouse. You may give them a bad impression of him or her which will be very hard to resolve if you decide to move back in with your spouse - which is ultimately another problem. So spend more time with your family and focus on building bonds with your family rather than causing yourself more trouble by complaining about your spouse.

If you really need to talk find a neutral party, like a therapist, to talk to.

Activity #2: Spend time with your friends

This group of people were also being neglected after you got married. Friends are very important people in your life and can cheer you up or distract you away from the troubles in your marriage. However, there are 2 advice I will like to give:

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