Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 28 - Do You Dream Together?

Have you ever had a dream? Something inside of you that you wished or hoped for? I know I have many things that I wish for and dream about having. I dream of having a Victorian style house with a wrap-around porch. I dream of taking a vacation to Maine and spending time sitting on the beach with my husband, with my toes buried in the sand and just drinking in the sunset. I dream of the day that all of my children will finally be potty trained! I dream of being used by God and making a difference in this world. See, I have many dreams! But you know who else has dreams? My husband, Colby.

My husband has dreams of owning his own business. He has dreams of owning a big white house with huge pillars in the front and a circle drive with a beautiful fountain in the middle. He has dreams of walking our daughters down the isle at their weddings… when they’re 40! He has dreams of spending extra time with our son teaching him to play whatever sport or activity he may be into as he gets older.

Dreams, goals and desires are a part of every person’s life. They are things that fill our hearts and can push us forward, and I believe they are very important to each of us. But I believe that even more important than simply having a dream is sharing that dream.

In order fulfill a dream you first have to know that dream is there and the only way to do that is to spend time talking about it. In life we are all bombarded by the chaos and trouble around us and sometimes it can seem like that’s all there is to life. With that being the case, I think it’s very important to set aside specific times to just dream together. Shut out the problems around you and simply dream. Talk about your dream house, your dream car, a dream vacation you’d like to take, where you’d live if you could pick anywhere… just dream.

It can be so easy to talk about nothing but the problems you are facing, and while facing those problems is also important, I also think it’s important to push those problems aside for a small amount of time and just dream.

The Bible says in Proverbs 28:19 that “Where there is no vision, the people perish” and I believe that can be the case for many of us. If all we focus on are our problems and the chaos around us it can be so easy to perish in our spirit and become so overwhelmed.

Rather than focusing all your time and attention with your husband on the problems you are facing, spend some time thinking about and looking forward to the good things that are coming in your future.

~ Jamie

Today's Challenge:

Find a time in the next week to sit and dream together. Find out what your husband’s dream vacation is, or where he’d love to live someday. Get silly and find out what his super power would be if he could have one. Then find out what his dream evening would be and see if you can plan it for him as a surprise. There’s something amazing about having your spouse fulfill a dream! Whatever you do, take some time to shut out the problems around you and simply dream together.

Today's Challenger:

Jamie is wife to Colby, mother to three amazing children and daughter of the King. She spends her days chasing kids, filling cups, changing diapers, kissing "owies", cleaning messes, wiping noses, loving her husband and living in love with him. She's not simply a "stay-at-home wife and mom," she's a mom working every day on building adults from scratch, adults that will grow up and be world changers for Christ. She's a wife who's working to build a marriage that her great grand children will one day be able to look to for inspiration. It's not easy, it's actually incredibly hard! But she can't imagine anything more rewarding than raising her children and loving her husband!! Visit Jamie at her blog: Welcome to the Coffee House.

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