Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 14 - Biblical Womanhood

Today's Challenge:

Memorize Psalm 16:8-9 to offer God your utmost gratitude for saving your soul! And because you are so grateful and desire to consider all things in the light of eternity, whenever your sinful flesh tempts you to consider your needs before your husbands, whether the simplest things or things of great sacrifice, speak this truth to yourself, "Since Jesus Christ, the Son of God suffered and died to save my soul, the very least I can do is _________."

Today's Challenger:

Twenty years ago, Sunny was a contentious, falsely-pious and arrogant woman who led her family, believing she was more spiritual than her husband. But 5 years later, by God’s grace and mercy, she obediently began her journey towards biblical submission, with no regard to how her husband might respond or react; she fully trusted God for the results. Fifteen years later, she continues this journey, inviting and teaching other sisters in Christ to strive with her in glorifying God as: His faithful daughters, godly wives to believing and unbelieving husbands, wise and loving mothers and faithful friends to everyone God puts before them.You can read her articles on her personal blog, About My Father’s Business - John 15:13, participate in her online study,My Second Love - A Proverbs 31 Study or read her column at - Dallas Christian Marriage Examiner.

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