Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 23 - Encouraging Health in Your Marriage

It should come as no surprise to you that I am going to be a proponent of your husband's health. After all, I write about women's health all the time on my blog, Peak313 Fitness. But I want to encourage you to encourage your husband in his pursuit of health!!

I don't think I need to build a case as to why you need your husband to be in good health. I know that I want mine around for a LONG time! I want him to experience an excellent quality of life and I want him to set an example for our children. We also can't forget that God does place an importance on our bodies as temples of His spirit. We do have a responsibility to steward them well.

Here are 3 ways that you can help your husband enhance the quality of his health:
  1. Help him create time in his busy schedule for fitness. My husband is a very thin guy by nature, but doesn't really enjoy exercising to the extent that I do. We look at his schedule each week and I encourage him to fit it in where there are open spots. And when he is not really wanting to exercise, I kind of push him out of the door, realizing that he's always happier that he went when he comes back in. He is in a weekly basketball league and while I don't exactly love that he's gone for a few hours that night, I try and look at the bigger picture that being part of that league will do for him.
  2. Keep his favorite healthy snacks around. This begs the question "What are his fav healthy snacks?" Well...ask him!

    My husband loves having nuts, Greek yogurt and protein bars around the house. I do my best to keep that stocked so that when he is hungry, he has them there to grab. I am also introducing new things to his diet that he may not otherwise like.
  3. Exercise with him. I realize that some of you are about to shut down the computer! This doesn't mean you have to go to the gym together, or play 1 on 1 basketball. Maybe you go down in the basement and are beside him while he lifts weights. Maybe the two of you do an ab routine together. We have 2 small children and the reality is, it's HARD to get 2 adult workouts in in a day! So there are times when this is the only time we can complete it, not to mention we get to be together.

Today's Challenge:

Sit down with your hubby...and calendar this week. Ask him how you can help him in his pursuit of health? Can you create room for him in the calendar to exercise? Can you help him find a league that he could be involved in? What kind of healthy snacks can you have around for him?

Today's Challenger:

Clare and her husband and 2 children live in Northeast Ohio. She has her bachelor’s degree in business management and left a promising career to be a stay-at-home mom to her children. She is a certified fitness instructor and teaches pilates and group fitness classes at her church and local university. Clare’s passion (outside of raising and nurturing her children and home) is motivating women of all ages and stages of life to live well physically, emotionally and spiritually. Visit her at Peak313!

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