Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 24 - Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

It can be hard to stay focused on my marriage in our day-to-day lives with both my husband and me at home. We have the added challenge of focusing on our marriage while my husband, Tim, travels out of town for work.

Tim traveling is a new adjustment for us. While he's gone, I could so easily get focused on how hard it is for ME and the extra amount of work involved for me that I can forget how hard it is for HIM too. I know that if he had his choice he would be with me all of the time to do our lives as an in-person team. He's doing what he needs to do to support his family. I never want him to think that I don't love and appreciate him--especially when he's gone.

Here are some ways that I stay focused on "us" when Tim travels:

I may not be the best at it but TECHNOLOGY is a major source
  • Skype - I did this more when Tim first started traveling. It was comforting for us to see each other and be reminded we weren't alone.
  • E-mail - an occasional picture from home can help him feel like he's there
  • Texting - this is a HUGE one for me. I text first thing in the morning and last thing at night. And, yes!..many time throughout the day. Sometimes just to say "I Love You," and "I miss you."
There's always the Postal Service, too:
  • The day before my husband leaves, I will put a card in the mail for him to receive where he's going
And let's not forget:
  • Prayer - This one is the most important. I pray for his safety, that he'll be able to accomplish what he needs to, and for his quick return to me.
I don't let distance keep me from loving on my husband. It would be so easy for me to be focused on the schedules of our kids while he's gone and not on our marriage. I pray I'm always fighting that temptation and loving on my husband when he's both near and far.

Today's Challenge:

If your husband travels for work, send a card ahead of him so he gets it while he's away. Do you know the people he works with while he's away? Ask them to pick up your husband's favorite candy (send the money in advance). Send a "Good morning/Good night" text. He will love that you're thinking if him.

Today's Challenger:

Samantha has been married to Tim for 17 years. They have 4 daughters ranging from a teenager to a toddler. She believes that there are no coincidences, only Christ-incidences, in life. She loves God, her husband, and her family. Samantha enjoys shopping, reading and sharing their wonderful craziness at www.samanthahartzell.blogspot.com A dream of hers is to speak at a Woman of Faith concert and to write a book.

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