Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 26 - Love is in the Little Things

I wrote a post a while back entitled, "Ridiculous Reasons I Love My Husband"

This post was a list of things that truly endear me to my spouse. Things that others may see as trivial and silly. Some of these were:
  • He tucks me into bed those times when I go to bed before him.
  • He apologizes for leaving the toilet seat up, even though the state of the toilet seat makes no difference to me.
  • He gives me "me time" whenever I feel the need to recharge.
So often women can get bogged down thinking about all the negative aspects of her man.
  • He has smelly feet. (Don't all men)
  • He doesn't volunteer to take out the trash. (Does any man? That's rhetorical...I know someone is going to pipe in on that one)
  • He leaves used Q Tips on the end table by the couch. (oh, this one drives me insane!)
If I started thinking on all the negative at 6am, I guarantee you that by 6pm I would be ready to sign divorce papers.

But ladies, lets make it a point to look at all the positive things that we love about our husbands. Lets focus on the little things, because each of these "little things," like being tucked in, may not mean a whole lot individually, but when you add up a few hundred of these (they can add up quickly if you put in as much effort looking for them as we do looking at faults) they really do mean a lot.

Today's Challenge:

Write down at least 10 "Little Things" that you love about your husband. Anytime you are feeling especially irritated by him, focus on one (or more if needed!) of these things.

If you keep a thankfulness or praise journal, a good addition to your daily entries might be to jot down one "Little Thing."

Today's Challenger:

I'm Jen. First and foremost I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Secondly, I am wife to Josh, a wonderful, Godly husband whom loves me far more than I ever dreamed possible. Next, I am mother to five adorable gifts from above. We live in the sun-shiny state of Florida.

I am a stay at home wife and mother. I have many passions, but my biggest would be my Savior! I was graciously saved at the age of 16. I teach Sunday School at our small local church, Other things I enjoy are sharing with others about natural birth, encouraging other wives and mothers in their spiritual growth, sewing and baking. My goal for my writing is to encourage as many women as possible to be Godly wives and mothers.

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