Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 15 - Living the Dream

He is the man of your dreams. He’s handsome and charming. He’s genuine and kind. You hold your breath as he walks into the room. He flashes you his winning smile and tells you you’re beautiful. You blush a little. He listens to you talk for hours, seemingly wanting to memorize your every thought. He shares the innermost parts of his heart with you. He wants you to really know him. His touch is electrifying. His kisses make you dizzy. You can think of nothing better than getting married and sharing a life.

You both say “I do.”

You wake up. Your husband beside you is snoring. You can’t help but notice the drool on his pillow. You sigh as his snoring gets louder and throw your legs over the side of the bed. You trip over his clothes lying in a heap on the floor as you try to make your way to the bathroom. You turn on the light to see his side of the sink littered with debris. You reach for the toilet paper to find just an empty roll.

You wonder what happened.

I have had my share of moments like these. I have wondered if this is how it’s always going to be. I have had the realities of real life cloud my vision and keep me from seeing the man of my dreams that I married. Sometimes perspective really is everything.

5 little things I do to renew my perspective:

  1. At the start of my day (especially when I wake up to snoring and drool) I take an extra minute to notice how that curl of his hair still falls just so. I silently thank God for a husband who works so hard he literally wears himself out. I thank God that we live in a place that’s safe enough to sleep so soundly.

  2. I make my husband coffee in the morning. Our coffee ritual is one that has become vital to our romance. As with most romantic gestures, I couldn’t tell you exactly what makes it romantic.

  3. When he calls to check in I stop what I’m doing so that I can have a real conversation with him- even if it’s short.

  4. I spend time looking into my own interests so that I can talk to him about me instead of just feeding him information about the kids.

  5. I go to bed at the same time as my husband whenever possible. Sometimes it’s late, we’re both tired, and we fall quickly asleep. Most of the time we lay in the dark and share the thoughts we no longer have time to dream about in the light of day.

Today's Challenge:

Think back to when you met your husband. Remember what it was about him that made him the man of your dreams. Tell him at least one thing that makes him still that man.

Today's Challenger:

Jennifer has been living happily ever after with her husband in the Pacific Northwest for 13 years. She loves being a homemaker and mom to 3 young children. She loves rain, coffee, and chocolate. Jennifer writes about her faith, her marriage, and her family on her blog,

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